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Lance Snacks 100th Birthday: $100,000 Dream Birthday Party Giveaway #Paid @LanceSnacks

This is a sponsored post and I also received samples.

May 6th was my birthday and I was lucky enough to spend it in one of the most happiest places on the earth, Disneyland. I had my children with me and my daughter was so excited to spend my birthday with me looking for princesses all over the park. It was a fantastic birthday for me and my little princess. Speaking of birthdays……


This year is Lance’s 100th birthday. In honor of this occasion, Lance is celebrating with its fans, giving them more of what they love throughout the year. They are giving everyone the chance to win the birthday of their dreams, much like I just experienced with my family. You have the opportunity to win $100,000 in the 100 Days to Win. The 100 Days to Win is an online program with daily challenges and opportunities to win prizes, including the $100,000 towards a dream birthday party at

As part of Lance’s 100th birthday celebration we received samples of their crackers. I love Lance’s crackers I grew up with them as a kid and used them for lunch every day during middle school. I wasn’t a big eater in middle school so I was happy to just have a package of crackers. And now they have “more of what they love in 2013”; the new Xtra Fulls sandwich crackers with more peanut butter and they are good!


Of course they taste delicious and even with my braces I was able to eat them. I took them apart like an oreo cookie and took very small pieces to eat very slowly. Tastes like a very good birthday celebration!

Product Benefits From Lance Snack Crackers

  • Availability of whole-grain products
  • Up to six grams of protein in Lance varieties
  • Use of freshly ground peanut butter from Georgia
  • Use of real cheese

And like I noted above we are a princess family, so I thought it would be fun to share this Lance’s Birthday video. In this video you can learn how to make the best Princess Crowns I’ve seen home made.

Be sure to visit for your chance to win the birthday of your dreams!


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